R.A.D. aggressor suit





The R.A.D. Aggressor Simulation Training Suit® was designed and constructed specifically for R.A.D. Systems training scenarios at moderate force levels. Macho Products, Inc.®, a martial arts equipment manufacturer, contacted R.A.D.'s Director of Instructional Development, Larry Nadeau, in April of 1995, requesting that he consult them on the "Self Defense Suit" concept. Their intention was to contact a number of self defense industry experts, but they soon realized that R.A.D. Systems was the largest, fastest growing and most reputable self defense organization in the country and that R.A.D. had been conducting state of the art simulation training for many years. The R.A.D. Systems Simulation Training philosophy was a perfect testing ground for this revolutionary new suit, and the organizations many capable instructors were the perfect evaluators of a completely new product line. Larry was Macho's top consultant on self defense issues concerning the simulation suit construction and testing process.


key features

The R.A.D. Aggressor Suit® is the World's first manufacturer produced self defense training suit, the trailblazing original! Accept no imitators! The R.A.D. Systems Aggressor is only available to certified R.A.D. Systems Instructors who independently choose to incorporate simulation training into their programs. Simulation training is not a mandatory part of any basic level program within the R.A.D. Systems.