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Region 1 Regional Director
Cathy Rumsey
Phone: 207-947-7384 ext 5702
Updated: July 3, 2019


Rhode Island State Director
JoAnne Waite
Phone: 401-297-1379
Updated: July 3, 2019





Barrington Police Department
Barrington, RI
Phone: 401-437-3930
Updated: July 26, 2012


Brown University
Department of Public Safety
Providence RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-2542
Updated: August 8, 2018


Community College of Rhode Island
Coventry, RI
Phone: 401-825-2109
Updated: October 8, 2017


Cumberland Police Department
Cumberland, RI
Phone: 401-333-2500
Updated: July 26, 2012


East Providence Police Department
East Providence, RI
Phone: 401-435-7600
Updated: July 26, 2012


Independent Instructor
JoAnne Waite
Bristol, RI
Phone: 401-297-1379
Updated: April 7, 2017


Jamestown Police Department
Jamestown, RI
Phone: 401-423-1212
Updated: July 26, 2012


Lincoln Police Department
Lincoln, RI
Phone: 401-333-1111
Updated: March 28, 2013


Middletown Police Department
Middletown, RI
Phone: 401-842-6500, x7019
Updated: July 29, 2012


Narragansett Police Department
Narragansett, RI
Phone: 401-789-1091
Updated: October 7, 2017


Newport Police Department
Newport, RI
Phone: 401-847-1306
Updated: April 7, 2017


Rhode Island School of Design
Department of Public Safety
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-427-6977
Updated: August 8, 2018


Tiverton Police Department
Tiverton, RI
Phone: 401-625-6716
Updated: March 8, 2015


University of Rhode Island PD
Kingston, RI
Phone: 401-874-4141
Updated: July 29, 2012



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Last reviewed: August 8, 2018




This page contains a list of R.A.D. programs and web sites that provide R.A.D. Student Classes. This is only a partial list of programs and web sites that have requested we list them.

If you run a R.A.D. program that is not listed, please email your information to
webmaster@rad-systems.com  to get your program listed.


If you are having trouble finding a program near you, please contact the appropriate State or Regional Director for more information, or contact the RAD Systems Coordinator at
(225) 791-4430. In Canada, please call the Director of R.A.D. Canada at (780) 448-2825.

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